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Visual Studio 2010 Hosting :: Working with Visual Studio 2010 Parallels Stacks

clock September 30, 2010 04:35 by author Administrator

Parallel Stacks is one of the debugging enhancements in VS 2010 IDE that helps in debugging parallel programming. When you press F5 for debugging Parallel Stacks and Parallel Tasks windows get enabled in debug mode only. As you know, when a break point is set Program will stop at the Break Point

Debug Menu Item->Windows->Parallel Stacks

Parallel Stacks

The Parallel Stacks window demonstrates call stack information for all threads and Tasks

There is a dropdown list in the upper left-hand corner to select either Thread View or Task view

The below figure indicates parallel stacks in Tasks View

The below described are the other options

Show Only Flagged

There is Flagged Icon in the toolbar to show only call stacks for flagged threads. Flagging of the threads can be done from parallel tasks window

Toggle Method View

This help to toggle between Stack View and Method View

AutoScroll to current Stack Frame

As the name suggests this feature helps to auto-scroll the diagram to the current stack frame

Toggle Zoom Control

This feature is to show/hide the zoom control

Right click on the current thread in call stack window and you can see the options as shown below

We can Go to Source Code directly from here using Go to SourceCode Option. The other options are Go to Disassembly, Show External Code, Hexadecimal Display, Symbol Load Information, and Symbol Settings. The two new items that we get in addition to these are “Switch to Frame” and “Go to Task

“Switch to Frame” - switches to the frame that gets called in Call Stack window, but in a parallel application, there are cases that multiple frames may correspond to one method context. In that case there will be sub-menu items for each stack frame

“Go to Task”- switches to the Task view. We can also navigate the same using the dropdown list in the toolbar. But it keeps the stack frame that has clicked as highlighted

VS 2010 Hosting :: Preparing a Host server for VS2010 web publishing

clock June 10, 2010 06:55 by author Administrator

Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) has some wonderfully integrated features for building and deploying web sites. The VS team has finally made it easy to get your web site onto someone else's Host server. But what if you want to implement a Host server and allow developers/customers easy access to your server? How do you do it?  You have questions, we have answers. offers the Visual Studio 2010 hosting to all our new customers. You can always start from our Standard Plan hosting plan (from @$4.99/month) to get this start using the Visual Studio 2010 service. Should your requirement changes in the future, you can always request for an upgrade without causing any downtime. Remember, everything is just one-click away from your mouse! So, why wait longer? Please register your interest here

In Visual Studio 2010 (and in VS2008 as a separate download), the web developer can quickly deploy the website by using the Publish Web  feature. To publish a web, generally the developer would create a Configuration, add in the proper web.config transforms for his server-specific settings, right-click on the web project, and select Publish. The resulting dialog looks something like the one presented below. But what does the server need to support in order to allow web publishing from Visual Studio? 

Enter the Web Deploy Tool

To accept web publishing your server must be running IIS and have installed the Web Deploy tool 1.1 or later. The Web Deploy tool is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit servers and is pretty simple to install.
1. If you haven't done so already, install the
Microsoft Web  Platform installer. This application makes installing IIS modules (like the Web Deploy tool) a snap!
2. Install the Web Deploy tool appropriate for your server (32-bit or 64-bit).
3. More installation instructions can be found here
4. Once installed the only "gotcha" that you may hit is that the Web Deployment Agent Service is not immediately started. To start this service Please do the following:
    - On the server, click Start |
Type in services and hit
Search for
Web Deployment Agent Service
    - Right-click
on the service and select
Change the Start-up Type to Automatic (or Automatic delayed start)
    - Click the Start button on the dialog to start the service immediately
    - Click OK to save your changes

Configuring a Website for Publishing

In order to allow a user to publish to a website, a couple items need configuration. This includes setting up the website and the user(s) that will be allowed to publish to the site

Setting up the website

Setting up the website in IIS7 works the exact same way as normal. Run IIS Manager and create a new website. As always, make sure the Application Pool account has access rights to the website directory

Setting up the users

The next step involves making sure the users have access to the website directory.  The user accounts are Windows accounts, and they will need read/write privileges to the actual website directory. In windows explorer, navigate to the website directory and make sure the appropriate users have permissions

Publishing to the Server

Once the website is setup and the users have been given permission, you are now ready to Publish to your website
1. To publish, run VS2010, right-click the web project in Solution Explorer, and select the Publish menu option
2. From this dialog, you will want to pick the Web Deploy publish method
3. The Service URL will be the default website URL for your server
4. The site/application value is simply the name of your website as seen in IIS manager
5. Make sure  you enter the user name/password of the user account on the host server that has permissions to publish to the site

Reasons to trust your Visual Studio 2010 website to us

 What we think makes so compelling is how deeply integrated all the pieces are. We integrate and centralize everything--from the systems to the control panel software to the process of buying a domain name. For us, that means we can innovate literally everywhere. We've put the guys who develop the software and the admins who watch over the server right next to the 24-hour Fanatical Support team, so we all learn from each other

- 24/7-based Support - We never fall asleep and we run a service that is operating 24/7 a year. Even everyone is on holiday during Easter or Christmas/New Year, we are always behind our desk serving our customers
- Excellent Uptime Rate - Our key strength in delivering the service to you is to maintain our server uptime rate. We never ever happy to see your site goes down and we truly understand that it will hurt your onlines business. If your service is down, it will certainly become our pain and we will certainly look for the right pill to kill the pain ASAP
- High Performance and Reliable Server - We never ever overload our server with tons of clients. We always load balance our server to make sure we can deliver an excellent service, coupling with the high performance and reliable server
- Experts in VS 2010 Hosting - Given the scale of our environment, we have recruited and developed some of the best talent in the hosting technology that you are using. Our team is strong because of the experience and talents of the individuals who make up ASPHostCentral
- Daily Backup Service - We realise that your website is very important to your business and hence, we never ever forget to create a daily backup. Your database and website are backup every night into a permanent remote tape drive to ensure that they are always safe and secure. The backup is always ready and available anytime you need it.
- Easy Site Administration - With our powerful control panel, you can always administer most of your site features easily without even needing to contact for our Support Team. Additionally, you can also install
more than 100 FREE applications
directly via our Control Panel in 1 minute!

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