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If you're an avid .NET programmer, you are likely aware of what the above title says. Since the birth of multi-core computing, there has been a need for parallel-programming architecture. Now, the multi-core computing has become the prevailing paradigm in computer architecture due to the invention of multi core-processors. By the way, almost every programmer considers Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 as getting remote and out of the way. To avert its programming market fiasco, recently, Microsoft released the beta versions of .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010. The main focus fell on .NET 4, yet the labels boasted the advent of parallel-programming. The question is whether there are any advantages (more specifically towards performance) on sticking to existing APIs? This article attempts to briefly answer the question.

.NET 4's Multi-Core processing ability: First of all, the MSDN site shows that the parallel extensions in the .NET 4 , has been improved to support parallel programming, targeting multi-core computing or distributed computing. The support for the Framework has been categorized into four areas like library, LINQ, data structures and diagonastic tools. .NET 4's peers and predecessors lacked the multi-core operable ability. The main criteria like communication and synchronization of sub-tasks were considered as the biggest obstacles in getting a good parallel program performance. But .NET 4's promising parallel library technology enables developers to define simultaneous, asynchronous tasks without having to work with threads, locks, or the thread pool.

Full support for multiple programming languages and compilers: Apart from VB & C# languages, .NET 4 establishes full support for programming languages like Ironpython, Ironruby, F# and other similar .NET compilers. Unlike 3.5, it encompasses both functional-programming and imperative object-oriented programming.

Dynamic language runtime: Addition of the dynamic language runtime (DLR) is a boon to .NET beginners. Using this new DLR runtime environment, developers can add a set of services for dynamic languages to the CLR. In addition to that, the DLR makes it simpler to develop dynamic languages and to add dynamic features to statically typed languages. A new System Dynamic name space has been added to the .NET Framework on supporting the DLR and several new classes supporting the .NET Framework infrastructure are added to the System Runtime Compiler Services.

Anyway, the new DLR provides the following advantages to developers: Developers can use rapid feedback loop which lets them enter various statements and execute them to see the results almost immediately. Support for both top-down and more traditional bottom-up development. For instance, when a developer uses a top-down approach, he can call-out functions that are not yet implemented and then add them when needed. Easier refactoring and code modifications (Developers do not have to change static type declarations throughout the code)

Parallel-diagnostics: Unlike Visual Studio 2008, the new Visual Studio 2010 supports debugging and profiling, extensively. The new profiling tools provides various data views which displays graphical, tabular and numerical information about how a parallel or multiple-threaded application interacts with itself and with other programs. The results enable developers to quickly identify areas of concern, and helps in navigating from points on the displays to call stacks & source codes. If you think only parallel programming abilities and promising capabilities make the MS .NET 4.0 a more promising next generation programming tool, think again! That's not all. There are also a number of enhancements to the Base Libraries for things like collections, reflection, data structures, handling, threading and lots of new features for the web.

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